Will Jim Dowd MP Help Get Britain Cycling?

I previously posted regarding my letter to Jim Dowd MP asking him to attend the Get Britain Cycling debate in the House of Commons on 2 September. I got a response recently, saying the following:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the forthcoming debate on Get Britain Cycling in the House of Commons.  I recognise the importance of cycling and the need to improve conditions for cyclists, especially in London.

Although I have several other commitments in my diary for September 2nd, I will endeavour to attend the debate at some stage if at all possible.

You may also be interested to know that I added my name to an Early Day Motion in the last Parliamentary session, which read;

That this House notes that cycling benefits public health, the economy, the environment and quality of life; further notes the strength of public and parliamentary support for The Times newspaper’s Cities fit for Cycling campaign, and its backing for an inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group on Getting Britain Cycling; further notes calls from national cycling organisations for a cycling action plan to increase cycling among people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and to reduce the actual and perceived risks of cycling, whether for day-to-day travel, outdoor recreation or sport; and calls on the Government to provide leadership, resources and Cabinet-level co-ordination across Government departments and external partners to produce and implement such a plan as part of our Olympic legacy, including measures to strengthen road traffic law and its enforcement, improve cycling conditions and perceptions of safety, integrate cycling with public transport, promote cycling through schools, colleges, workplaces, community organisations and beyond, and embed cycling into the heart of transport, planning and other relevant policies.

Thank you again for contacting me about such an important issue to many of my constituents and I hope I have been able to provide a positive response.

Best wishes

Jim Dowd MP

So, tentative support but no commitment to attend. I have replied to Jim, seeking a firm commitment to attend:

Dear Jim,
Thank you for your email. Now that we are approaching the date of the debate in the House of Commons, have you any more clarity on your availability to attend?
I am pleased to hear of your support for the Early Day Motion you mention.  However, this has failed to achieve any traction within the Department for Transport, as evidenced by the Government’s response to the Get Britain Cycling report published this week. The response is a recipe for the status quo, and will see little in the way of investment (despite their attempts to spin a small one-off financial commitment as a ‘cycling revolution’) and real change on the roads to create safe cycling for all. This makes it all the more important that as many MPs as possible attend and let the Government know that the status quo is not good enough.
I look forward to hearing from you.

It’s not too late to urge your MP to attend. This is all the more important now in the face of the Government’s disappointing response to the Get Britain Cycling report.