The 5 Best CSR and Sustainability Smartphone Apps (via Dystopian Present)

Some smart tools to help with the sustainability drive! I’ve tried three of these apps, Seafood Watch, Good Guide and Free2Work, and they’re quite good. They have all been developed in the US, so the focus is on American products (or fish), but when looking at global brands they are still useful tools.

The 5 Best CSR and Sustainability Smartphone Apps Quick post today to share a handful of great apps I’ve recently found.  Then, back to the mountain of homework. The proliferation of smart phone apps has finally moved into the social sector.  A handful of leaders have deployed apps to efficiently share the information they already offer.  This will be a great tool for transparency going forward.  Apps will offer the public the information they need, at the point of purchase, to make choices that … Read More

via Dystopian Present