Ethical T-shirts

T-shirt without side-seam
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I am in the market for a couple of t-shirts to replace some of mine that are wearing out.  So, how should I take account of my smart sustainable goals?  The main concern is to avoid anything that may have been made in a sweatshop.  Other than that, no significant issues come to mind when it comes to t-shirts.

But I do have one more idea.  Many t-shirts I own and have owned have featured logos of various clothing companies, the likes of Billabong or Quiksilver for example, so why not give my chest advertising space to a better cause?  Until recently FC Barcelona did it – they had UNICEF emblazoned across their shirts from 2006 until the end of the last football season.  Well I will do the same.  I will buy some t-shirts from a charity, and do some awareness raising on their behalf as well as putting some good money in their direction.

Amnesty International
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Save the Children are my preferred charity and I’ve been a supporter of theirs for some time now, but unfortunately their t-shirt range is rather limited and not really to my taste.  So I took a look at the websites of WWF and Amnesty International, two other charities I admire and support.  WWF’s shop has a large range of t-shirts, including certified Fair Trade and organic items.  They also have t-shirts certified to a scheme called Green Tick, which I hadn’t heard of before but which looks to be quite sound.  However despite the range I can’t really find anything I like there.  Amnesty’s shop has a number of Fair Trade and organic t-shirts on offer.  These are more my style, so I think I’ll probably get one or two from there.