Paper-free Meeting Notes

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I was at a meeting for work on Friday with seven other people and the future was laid bare in front of me.  As I pulled out my notebook, pen and the great big pile of documents I may or may not have actually needed, two others at the meeting pulled out iPads, and nothing else!

I was sat next to one of these individuals, an architect.  It was interesting to see how he used it.  He flicked effortlessly between his note taking and drawings of the project we were discussing.  To think that that even before he left the room he could have sent the notes of the meeting to colleagues back at his home office, along with marked up drawings or anything else.  Surely it won’t be long before we all have tablets for work?  I can certainly see myself using one, and will definitely not miss lugging around that stack of documents.


One thought on “Paper-free Meeting Notes

  1. the only problem is when people can’t write anymore, remember writing a three hour exam by hand. not sure I could do it anymore…..

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