Which is the most ethical bank? (via Make Wealth History)

money makes the world go round, or so they used to say. but how to get your money to work for the world? Make Wealth History has done a good piece about ethical banking, republished below. i for one will be looking to move my banking needs away from the traditional high street banks and over to something more ethical in the near future.  though, like many people, when it comes to big ticket items like my mortgage, the cost may be a bigger factor for me than ethical considerations.

Which is the most ethical bank? As we’ve all learned this year, in case there was any doubt, when we place our money in a bank it doesn’t stay in a vault somewhere. It goes out to play on the stock market, in loans and mortgages, in all manner of deals and agreements. Banks have always used their customers’ money, and expected their customers to ask no questions as long as they delivered the interest at the end of the quarter. (See this post on Darfur to see what can happen wit … Read More

via Make Wealth History